A gay man who enjoys anal sex.
Lets JR bang his mom.
Colt your mom is hot
by COLTSMOMSPIMP August 01, 2009
Colts is a Rugby Union team in Sydney Australia. This is good for gaining an abundance of mates, particularly Islander friends. This wont be ridiculed at all by fellow non colts, who will join in. It is considered highly to represent the locals, and use large amounts of repeated text on MySpace bulletins i.e. maaaaaazzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaa at my house lol to communicate expressions. Drinking with local mates on or during Colts is accepted.
sam plays in the manly u18's colts..and he reckons he's sick and he goes round saying "yeha i'll go with my mates from manly colts"..also "yeah if i get into a fight all my islander friends will save me" and so on..verbal diarhoea...
by Mates Aplenty August 05, 2007
A shit excuse for a football team. They were once a great team that played in Memorial stadium in Baltimore, but they were traded to the owner of the Los Angeles Rams, a drunk that inherited millions from his family assets in order to buy a football team. His poor economic decisions and his lack of testicles were key forces in moving the Colts to Indianapolis, a small town in Indiana with no prior ties to football and no ties to anything worth notable at all. The team continued to suck so bad that they were given the first draft pick in 1998, picking future MVP quarterback Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Since then the team has gone to many Superbowls under Manning and it's fan base flourished, despite the rest of team lacking of any skill notable for professional football. They continue to exceed in the NFL, but are estimated to dissolve once Peyton Manning leaves his post to pursue becoming an announcer, probably for CBS.
In a survey in the New York Times, approximately 84% of all Colts fans are unable to locate the state of Indiana on a map of the United States.

The "great" city of Indianapolis sports many things other cities can't live up to, such as the Colts, the Daytona 500, and the Ku Klux Klan.

All Colts fans are white.
by BennyG93 January 26, 2010
girl i knew last summer. she was hotttt.
colt would only hook up with me when she was drunk.
by kyle April 14, 2005

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