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A bull-pup style assualt rifle with a synthetic plastic body. Manufactured by Steyr.

That AUG has a 30 round mag and a 1.5x scope.
by Comis March 28, 2003
Colt commonly reffers to a Colt-made gun (Such as a m1911a1 .45) or a young horse.
Smoked teh fool with teh Colt .45!
by Comis March 28, 2003
A rapper/writer who was on Ruthless Records. He wrote many rhymes for NWA and other rappers, and released the platinum cd "No One Can Do It Better", produced by Dr.Dre.

The next year his vocal chords were serious fucked in a car accident. He could never rap again, though he did perform in skits on other albums (Example: "Don't Drink that Wine" from NWA).

He later went on to release Helter Skelter and Deuce.
"In the event that one would try to juice this, stopped him in his tracks, shot him dead and ruthless"-The D.O.C.
by Comis March 27, 2003
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