Cute, hot, smart, funny, athletic. Best guy ever! All the girls love him. He is always nice even if your mean to him. Has the cutest smile and rarely talks about himself. He cares what you have to say. I want him :)
Girl 1: hey look at the guy over there, he's hot
Girl 2: OMG ya! He must be a Cole

Girl 1: Defintley a Cole.
by Singz788888 November 12, 2011
Cole, I love you. I know you go on this site sometimes, so I decided to post under your name. Hope you actually see this. :P
Coolest guy ever. He's nice when he wants to be, but if he goes to bed at 1am and wakes up at 5am, stay away. He's always busy, and hardly ever has time to hang out with mee :(. But I'll wait for you. ^_^ He's MINE by the way, and no, you can't have him. :)
Cole ~ you really are the best thing that ever happened to me.
by Megan<33 :) November 06, 2008
The best guy in the world. I love him more than anything, anyone, everything, and everyone. He makes me feel beautiful with no make-up on, sweatpants around my waist, and my hair up all messy. He's got an amazing smile, and eyes you could get lost in. Cole is the most adorable man I've ever laid eyes on. He's the one for me. The man i'm gonna marry. I know he'll always be there for me, i know he'll never let me go. Over all, he's just an amazing boyfriend.
I love you, Cole; with all my heart and more<3(:
by Cole's Angel<3 May 16, 2011
A guy who's down to earth, humble and sincere to everyone he meets. His dry humor is over-whelming and his laughter is contagious. He always seems to try and find the good in situations and could care less for fake and aunnoying people. Lazy at times? Of course!! But he has his mind set to something he likes, wants or loves..then he'll work just as hard as ever. He's obsessed with Call of Duty and fits it in whenever he can in his day, as well as his daily lifting sessions. But most of all, he's always there for you (me) no matter what the weather or time. Sure, he's still a little rough around the edges..but I think there's something much more special behind sorry to any girl who tried to define "Cole" don't really know him nor will you ever. Because he was never yours..and well now? He's mine. :) <3
"My name's COLE!" :)
by Ladyy. <3 March 08, 2010
To be the most ill dude alive.
Dude, nice try but you'll never be as cool as coles.
by c-izzile January 13, 2008
His charms over take you, His eyes consume you, and when he smiles you smile. There is not a better feeling then when you're with a Cole.
The way you know you like a Cole, just wait 5 minutes.. then you'll know.
by KJY:) September 23, 2010
amazingly gorgeous guy who is actually a lot better than you think he is. he'll surprise you with compliments (even though you guys never talked, you were a bitch to him, and you live halfway around the world).
don't be mean to this guy.
he's way to great for it.
i really miss cole.
by 5282h8 May 23, 2010

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