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Cole, meaning Victorious, or Victorious People comes from Greek origin.

Cole is a genius. He may not always show it, but deep down, he knows what he's capable of. Cole is talented, and has gifts in many areas of life's spectrum. Cole is a striking man, who can easily capture the hearts of many. His amazing smile is contagious, and his laugh is, too. He's a great looking guy.Cole doesn't go around being your friend, if you want to be in his life, you have to earn it. So if you're in the life of a Cole, you are one lucky person, because he is quite a character. Very lovable!
Dude, Cole made me pee my pants laughing today.

Oh, he did that to me on tuesday.
by MangoGreenPianoBeachBall January 06, 2012
The most handsome guy that will nor hurt you!! He always makes you laugh and smile and puts ALWAYS puts me first
Did you see Coles shirt??... Yea it's soo hott!!!
by Ugotpvvndbyagirl July 30, 2011
Cole can't be summed up in just one word, but if I had to choose one it would be amazing. He's hilarious and outgoing, but sensitive and deep when he needs to be. He has gorgeous blue eyes and when he talks in a husky voice, watch out, ladies, you will melt. In a puddle. On the floor. Thank you Cole, for showing me what perfect is.
Girl 1: Here comes Cole! *swoons*
Girl 2: *sighs* He'll never like you romantically. Everbody knows he's secretly in love whith Girl 3, and she loves him.
Girl 3: *blushing* Shut up.
by IfYouDontLoveMeIDontCare February 19, 2013
Someone who KNOWS funny
Man, that comedian is a real Cole.
by Hairy Ham January 20, 2012
Cole is a drug called 2C-E (2,5-dimethoxy-4-ethylphenethylamine) is a psychedelic and phenethylamine of the 2C family. It is is common to vomit before you start tripping, but the vomiting will be the most pleasurable vomit you'll ever have.
Dude i just took some Cole and im trippin face!
by facetripper April 29, 2011
The sweetest most amazing guy you will ever meet. Makes me laugh so hard that I cry and makes me happy whenever I am sad . Doesn't realize how awesome he is to me. The love of my life.
Cole is the best guy ever.
by swagz October 22, 2013
Sexy, hot, nice, funny, respectfull and easy to making friends,

if you ever have a chance to have A "cole" as a Partner in life, take the chance, mostly dosen't care if you tell somthing personal, even about them.
very nice and sticks with one partner (BF or GF). very nice and intelligent, can be a jerk but will turn that around and make your day,

gives good advice... AND VERY STRONG
Female: "Wow 'cole' is SO nice, i want him!"

Female: "Cole's being a jerk, but i don't think he wants to.."

by urbanman1235 May 12, 2013