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Born Muhammad ibn Abdullah, he is said to have initially been a merchant who traveled widely.

Muhammad often retreated to the mountains outside Mecca, for prayer and contemplation. Muslims believe that in 610, at about the age of forty, while praying in one of these mountain caves called Hira, he was visited by the Angel Gabriel who commanded him to memorize and recite the verses sent by God. These verses were later collected as part of the Qur'an. Gabriel told him that God (Allah in Arabic) had chosen him as the last prophet to mankind. He eventually expanded his mission as a prophet, publicly preaching a strict monotheism and warning against a Day of Judgement where all humans shall be held responsible for their deeds. He did not completely reject Judaism and Christianity, two other monotheistic faiths known to the Arabs; rather he said that he had been sent by God in order to complete and perfect their teachings.
By the time of Mohammad's death, he had unified Arabia, spread Islam throughout the Arabian Peninsula
by Blitzz February 10, 2006
an amazing friend. someone who can always find a way to make you smile, even though you're feeling down. he's easy to get along with, and doesn't judge people based on how they look. he can be shy though, pretty quiet. says really random things, and gets hungry quite easily. he is just really awesome, funny, cute, amazing, nice, and sweet. <33
he's definately a mohammad <3
by ImSoCrazyCutiePie August 16, 2010
A guy who always gets called for a random security checks in the airport.
john: Oh look that guy got called for a security check.
Dan: he must be an Mohammad.
by SeniorChang May 01, 2014
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IM GOING TO FUCK MOHAMMAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by KaseyBabyyy!! November 22, 2011
The most weird awkward boy you'll ever meet. He tends to stare at peoples feet. He also rambles on about random crap and it is hard to understand him half the time. Also gos through phases like being ghetto.
Tracy: Hey Mohammad
Tracy: Uhm what..?
Mohammad: GFIHNSIE
Tracy: um bye

Mohammad: Wait I speak

Tracy: BYE.
by Poopy Donna Joe January 11, 2012