The cutest and most amazing boy on Earth. Very easy to fall in love with. Very loveable. Has the most amazingblue eyes ever.

He can be a jerk, but then he turns that around. He steals your heart to quickly it makes your head spin around.
Hes supper athletic and loves a sport like soccer.everyone thinks hes a total jerk and a player. But deep down hes so sweat and hed treat you like a princess
one:who do you think has the best eyes here
two: Cole! obvi there so blue
by bellainyella November 14, 2011
Cole is a drug called 2C-E (2,5-dimethoxy-4-ethylphenethylamine) is a psychedelic and phenethylamine of the 2C family. It is is common to vomit before you start tripping, but the vomiting will be the most pleasurable vomit you'll ever have.
Dude i just took some Cole and im trippin face!
by facetripper April 29, 2011
N. A general term for a person who is eccentric yet charismatic. While they march to their own drum, they are fun to be around--as long as you don't take them too seriously. Expect many quirks and layers to their personality. They often appear offhand with their closest friends, but do truly care about them. Many of them seem to live in 'another world', referencing books, TV and movies to such an extent you wonder if they have lost touch with reality. Don't worry, they haven't. They're just having fun.
Roommate: 'Hey man, chill. It's fine. What's a sonic screwdriver anyway?'
Cole: "Did I loan it to Spock again? Oh, I bet I left it in the Batcave. Just a second!"
by Evergreen Man March 07, 2013
The most amzing guy EVER ! He'll suprise you.
He loves to joke around and he'll nerver stop

Telling you your beautiful. He will be so nice to
you, you won't notice until he's gone. I love you

You: Eww my hair looks disgusting!
Cole: You look so beautiful 😘
by Jrm123 May 26, 2012
The most amazing boy in the world and the geeky sex-freak I love! Super cute Canadian with a monster cock and the hottest crossword puzzle boxers ever! Perfect man to lose one's virginity to if your name starts with an M and going to be a fabulous father and husband. Also, he has an amazing wife who loves him dearly and takes care of him no matter what! His life might be difficult now, but it's going down an amazing path and his wife is always there to help him out. He is also an amazing singer and actor
Person 1: Who is that guy in those amazing boxers with the crossword puzzle design?

Person 2: OMG, that's Cole! He has a HUGE cock!
by ~M April 21, 2013
Usually plays guitar is very musically inclined and is one of the greatest friends you will have. Even though he may slip up sometimes
Dude who is your. New friend

Cole he plays guitar big time
by Dinkalitis July 18, 2012
Cole is a wonderful person. He is the love of my life and the one person you'd want to be with. He sweeps you off your feet. Cole has an amazing sence of humor and will make you laugh till you're out of breath. He will understand your feelings and is always there for you. If you are not already inlove with cole have a really long conversation with him and you'll finally understand real love
❀Out to Cole Beardy:I love you❀

From your love your life😜😜😜
by ❀cole lover❀ April 01, 2012

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