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See: Inmate at San Quentin
50% of the Raider Fans in Oakland live at San Quentin Prison
by Caltag February 02, 2004
Typically refers to a woman who may look good from forty feet away, but up close turns out to be quite the conrary.
"She's definitely a forty-footer"
by Caltag February 02, 2004
An extremely massive person.
"Her? She's a jumbo freakin' jet!"
by Caltag February 02, 2004
Commonly used when you want to sexile your roomate and let the rest of the dorm know you are getting laid.
Hey, if i'm getting laid tonight, the code will be a post it on the door, so STAY OUT!
by Caltag February 02, 2004
What people who don't live in San Diego call it. People who live in San Diego would never call it "Diego."
Co-Worker 1: "You going home to Diego this weekend?"
Co-Worker 2: "I'm going home to SAN Diego, yes."
by Caltag August 17, 2005

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