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To banish a roomate from the room/dorm/apartment for the purpose of engaging in intimate relations with one's significant other/sex partner.
My roomate is gonna sexile me on Valentine's Day so that he and Yolanda can have their hot monkey sex in our room.
by Oprah February 25, 2003
verb: to sexile
comes from combining "sex" and "exile," meaning to kick someone out of a house/room/dorm for means of fornicating.
Mark sexiled me from our room so he could be alone with Laticia, his new lover.
by harriet the spy February 11, 2005
The person who gets kicked out of their dorm for several hours on end so that their roommate can get some ass.
I've been sexiled since 6 PM, and now it's 1 AM. If they don't finish banging soon, I'm sleeping in the pod.
by Pinky Power September 08, 2007
To banish your roommate from your dorm/apartment so that acts of fornication with your lover/significant other may be preformed.
My roommate sexiled me from our flat so he could hook up and get a piece of his girlfriend's fine ass.
by xTabby February 18, 2010
when one is exiled from their room, due to their roommate's sexual exploits
I was in sexile until three in the morning because Travis wouldn't hurry up and cum in that bitch.
by iamhandy October 28, 2009
Kicking out one's roommate from your shared living quarters in order to get busy with your current hook-up.
When I brought back that hottie from the party, I had to Sexile my roomie.
by skibear September 23, 2013
The act of your roommate telling you to get out so they can bang, or masturbate. Or both. Basically making you leave so they can be sexually pleased.
Jack: Hey man, I need to sexile you for a bit?
Stephen: Just don't poopsterbate in the sink.
by NastyDelicious May 26, 2014
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