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Short for code word. A word used among friends in place of a drug name. Can go for paraphernalia or even a certain method of drug usage. Usually secret from parents, and if they're in on a drug's code, they're doing it too. Codes are best used in combination with other codes to keep the secret safe, and for this reason lots of codes can be used even in a small conversation. Codes are often different from one group of friends to the next, and it can be difficult to get drugs from people you don't know with your codes.
Codes in action:

"Hey man, got any toothpaste? I really really need to brush my teeth." "Not on me man, but I got some at home, and I even bought a whole new toothbrush." "Awesome."

"Hey, do I smell minty to you? I just mouthwashed the janitor's closet for like twenty minutes and I don't want my teacher to know."

"Where's the floss bro, I got bad breath today."

"I needa spoon for tonight." "What?" "Code, bro, now gimme a damn spoon." "Oh, silver or plastic?" "What?"
by NastyNateDoggg September 28, 2006
8 13
The way a GHETTO ASS black person pronounces the word cold.
Damn nigga, it's code up in herr.
by your name September 28, 2004
290 169
1)To write a computer program, or at least a snippet.
2)A computer program, or a portion thereof.
1)I still have to code that subroutine.
2)I can't decypher this obtuse code.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
131 55
To program
I really want that new feature, but I have yet to code it in.
by Peon June 29, 2003
63 28
up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, Start
Hurry and put in the code before the menu comes up so we can have infinite lives
by Meezy May 13, 2005
90 66
When someone says something which can be sexually translated without meaning it.
I was washing my car and accidentally sprayed in your girlfriends face.
by Igor Biscan November 30, 2003
38 23
In reference to DNA-code which is delivered in the seminal medium
Sheila gives great head -- I like to shoot my code on her face.
by Charlie Golf March 10, 2004
47 37
being tight or beastly at soemthing
Man that reviever was code!
by coppell2012 April 30, 2009
22 14