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9 definitions by Peon

a low-ranking person
Since I'm a peon, I The big dogs won't listen to me.
by peon July 28, 2004
To program
I really want that new feature, but I have yet to code it in.
by Peon June 29, 2003
1. To strike up some chats with the homies
2. To make small talk to check to see if the new dealer on the block is a cop
I was just conversatin with ma peeps
by Peon October 12, 2004
1. to wait in line
2. to jot down a girl's number
3. to steal a math book
"Yo, take a number, foo, can't you sees that I'm busy?"
"Hey, did you take a number from her?"
"The only reason I went to class was to take a number"
by Peon October 12, 2004
A word used to describe a feeling of disgust, but not necessarily in a negative sense.
Ew, that's hella mean.
by Peon June 29, 2003
kid that think he fucking owns but really he cant dominate anyones face because he rocks the corners like a tru champ
damn i just got corner camped by warri0r again wtf
by peon November 27, 2003
The Human equivalent of FETCH
Only where the “fetchie’” becomes the “fetcher”… and the dog (fetcher) is replaced by an elderly person…. 9/10 times male
Father: I'm just going for a round of golf.
Son: You mean Human Fetch?!?
by Peon June 14, 2004