A person who constantly annoys another; an insult.
Literally: One who smiths a cock.
John: You are such a fag, dude.
Jim: Fuck you, cock-smith.
Julie; You are both cock-smiths.
by MattsNinjaMajik April 04, 2004
Someone who is a master at replicating a penis . Someone who has the profession of making dildos , stap-ons , ETC.
Daniel is a very fine cocksmith as he can critique a dildo to its finest form.
by Dylan Hard-on March 02, 2010
a person (usually male) that is an arrogant, abusive, and inconsiderate dickhead; an unrepentant asshole or poster-child prick.2)A master asshole
That dude dating Tiffany is a real cocksmith.
by John Trimpe September 06, 2006
Someone who likes the cock, is confident with the cock, or possessing special talent with the cock.

Ewwww, look at the way she works that cock! She must be a Cocksmith!

by Matt Greiner February 04, 2009
1.) n. Another form of cocksucker, tantamount to douchebag.
2.) n. Term of affection referring to someone who is particularly gifted at pleasuring the male genitalia.
1.) My boss is a real cocksmith for making me work late.
2.) Whew! That girl is some kind of cocksmith. She had me going all night long.
by G. Wainwright August 27, 2008
People who deliberately abuse the English language to mask the fact they cannot spell or form sentences at a third grade level.
English isn't that hard of a fucking language to type in. it's the only thing most American kids will ever learn to type in. Yet they consistently fuck it up. is it because it's easier to type like a lazy fucking dumbass, rather than occasionally misspell a word and have your balltongueing highschool friends think you're stupid? Cocksmiths. They hammer flaming hot cock all day.
by noboost July 11, 2008
One who is gifted in the handling and or caretaking of cocks.
man emily was great in bed she is a total cocksmith
by zac davis June 14, 2008

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