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One who is skilled with cocks.
Amy Smith? Mo' like Amy Cocksmith!
by ~X~ July 04, 2005
Uncle Miltie: The legend speaks for itself!
Ask Lucy Ball!
by Milton Berle April 08, 2003
comparable to goldsmiths or ironsmiths who beat on gold or iron; a person whose sole pleasure in life is to beat on cock every day
That guy is a fag cause he's a cocksmith
by willie d assgrabber May 13, 2006
a didlo maker, just as someone who works with metal is a blacksmith.
that dildo was crafted by a fine cocksmith.
by Dan September 30, 2003
One who is adept at the art of the cock, proficient with scrotum, foreskin and all other words embodied by cock. Synonym for prostitute, whore or skank
The local cocksmith can fix that for you
by Yrrab Nognd April 08, 2003
one who makes or repairs cocks.
"why i happen to know a frenchman down by the old parlor who is said to be the greatest cocksmith in the land, his name spoken far and wide for he wields a cock with a swan like grace"
by Mr. Matthew V May 13, 2006
-One who is in the profession of making dildos/cocks.
-Crafter of dildos/cocks.
1.I left my dildo at the office, I have to go to the cocksmtih to purchase a new one.
2. The cocksmith can make any color, shape or size dildo.
3. My dildo broke upon entry to the whole, I have to place an order with the cocksmith to get a new one.
by Timothy Kelly April 13, 2008