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5 definitions by Metalspork

A man who works with a cock, with the energy and passion a blacksmith or locksmith puts into his job.
I'm not speaking from experience, but I think it's fair to say Mike is a proper cocksmith
by Metalspork November 13, 2007
252 114
A piece of excrement -

1. Generally large in size, or of an odd consistancy. Not being able to flush away your waste, or having to strain to even expel it, points to it being an awkward soldier.

2. Also used as an indirect insult, to someone who is hard to get rid of.
1. When Tommy finally came out of the bathroom, everything pointed towards an awkward soldier.

2. I'm not saying Jake shouldn't come round AT ALL, but he's a fucking awkward soldier.
by Metalspork November 13, 2007
11 3
A large protruding chin, shaped like an arse, named after Bruce Forsyth himself.
Yeah your hairs fine, but it's going to take more than that to move the attention away from your Brucie Bonus.
by Metalspork November 13, 2007
20 15
Is what you get after 5 days of masterbating
After wanking his way through the working week, William had a weakend.
by MetalSpork December 04, 2010
8 5
The oldest guy on the forum/in the current thread. Not even a little bit "with it". Will occasionally talking about his rash or back pains.
Thread Flintstone brought it up
by MetalSpork June 04, 2011
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