some one who plays with and or makes a hobby out of the male genitals.
You homo your a dirty little cock smith
by LerStyle June 06, 2005
one who makes cocks by way of smithing them
me > Wow Billy I see you've got a new anvil what are you gonna do with it?

Billy > Make cocks

me > Ah, ya fucking cock smith
by The Exploited 1988 November 23, 2004
One who excels professionally at giving penis to the female gender.
Lillian- "That guy fucked me well last night, he's a true cocksmith"
by Yung Coop May 14, 2012
a cock worker
a black smith works with steel all day, a cock smith works with cock, they have made a buisnes out of cock handling
by ruttagar February 27, 2010
The art of making a cock melt in your mouth to full release
I bet jeniffer aniston is a truly great cock smith.
by batkush420 October 25, 2015
The action of inserting your penis in the vagina and turning to the left until you hear a click.
Man: I Cock Smithed your sister last night.
by Breadston September 14, 2014
One who is a master at cock, and things
of a cock-like nature.
She is one hell of a cocksmith.
by Bill Meakem April 08, 2003

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