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A group of turkeys
watch out, theres a big cocksmile in my backyard
by Long Don September 22, 2012
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Person who exhibits a certain flair for causing wordfagotryword. Cocksmiles are usually very arrogant, believeg themselves to be right on every matter. Most often they are not. A cocksmile will stop at nothing to get your girlfriend drunk and let 89 black guys have sex with her, and when confronted about it, will surely try and place blame on someone else. Cocksmiles couldn't fight to save their lives.
var., adj.: cocksmilian. having to do with cocksmiles and their behavior.
That fucking cocksmile stole my parking spot, and laughed about it until I beat his ass.

Stop this cocksmilian wordfagotryword at once.
by bastard November 27, 2002
also see"jaffie"
That jaffie got peanut butter on my chocolate!
by Testicules Popsofolot March 14, 2003

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