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Any member of the front-drive, inexpensive, usually 4 cylinder powered class of automobiles that has had extensive appearance and stereo modifications in order to look fast, but in reality, is NOT fast. A 'rice rocket' is usually characterized by a high sticker-to-horsepower ratio, massive Boeing 747 wing (apparently to hold the rear wheels on the ground), and an exhaust sound somewhere between a lawnmower and a jetski.
"How much did daddy pay for your rice rocket, Tristan?"
by bastard January 16, 2003
Special Education teacher, instructor, or aide.
Cherry is a tard farmer, poor girl.
by bastard May 23, 2003
Special Education class, state school facilitating retarded kids.
Man Danny's kids are gonna need to be put in a tard farm.
by bastard May 23, 2003
The state in which ground is "permanently" frozen.
The condition in TryMe's pants.
Tryme is suffering from "permafrost".
by Bastard August 21, 2003
When someone wipes their ass on something other than toilet paper, esp something unwieldly like a couch or their room mates laundry. Just like dogs do on the grass.
Change the fucking channel or imma scoot ass all over your clean laundry.
by Bastard December 01, 2002
Southwest Atlanta = Fuck that shit, don't worry about it.
Shawty, should i pay my baby momma or go to the club? Awwwww, fuckdatshit we finna go to the club
by Bastard January 22, 2004
short for douche bag
you fuckin du bag wut the fuck is your fuckin problem. you know wut go fuck yourself. yeah, well you can go suck on a used du bag mother fucker. fuck you, ill fuck ur life up FUCK YOU
by bastard February 24, 2005

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