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severe spasm and pain in the neck from providing vigorous fellatio; whiplash from aggressive cocksucking
Damn, I've got cocklash from working on my man last night
by Snoopy Schwarzenegger April 17, 2008
The end result when an erect penis is bent beyond it's natural boundries
I'm sorry Mr. Gary, but that brick wall left you with a case of cocklash.
by rob April 04, 2003
The act of pulling out your manhood and beating it against something to give a flesh-on-flesh slapping sound. It can be something of yours (leg, stomach), someone else (girlfriend's face) or an inanimate object (getting it out in the pub and Wapping it out onto the table)
I was running to answer the phone after having just got out the shower and gave myself a nasty case of cocklash.
by kymcleod October 17, 2003
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