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Masturbating with your left hand if you're a righty, or vice versa.

Usually occurs when someone has broken their preferred arm, they are forced to wap instead of fap.
My mom caught me wapping the other night, it was awkward because she was used to me fapping my right hand.
by midnight wapper December 06, 2010
Releasing your penis from its trousers and smacking it down hard on an inanimate object to give a slapping sound (Sometimes referred to as Cocklashing)
We were down the bar and Mike dropped his trousers and wapped it out for all to see
by kymcleod October 17, 2003
Beating the pussy so bad she squirts so much u can drink it and not be thirsty
I was wapping yo girl so bad she wants to stay with me lol😂😂😂
by ass&titties December 12, 2015
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