While playing Counter Strike a player blocks you from moving in any directions. A.K.A COCK BLOCKER!
You cocker!

I hate cockers.
by Google July 21, 2004
A type of cat who is weight challenged and who is black and white.
That cat on the ground is such a cocker that it can't even jump up on the fence.
by Jaclyn July 02, 2004
1. see bitch or fucker.
2. Derived from cock and fucker.
3. Strong insult toward either gender.
Anna: Go suck a fatty, dag!
Trevi: I hate you, you fucking cocker!
by Trevi October 22, 2003
another form of "backstabber"
That cocker stuck it up my ass at work.
by chickenman June 12, 2003
A variation on the shocker or spocker, where you put both your balls in her pussy, and your dick in her ass. Still two in the pink one in the stink!
I was doing her in the butt and transitioned into the Cocker when she queefed so hard I ended up with her cum in my ass.
by TimKyleMatt2 March 28, 2009
a combination of the word cock caucasian and cracker. A racist word used in a negative way against whites.
hide your shit there is a cocker coming.

look at that cocker, he stinks.
by Yaotl Mictlan October 24, 2005

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