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The deriving of sexual gratification or the tendency to derive sexual gratification from inflicting pain or emotional abuse on others.
Just because i like chains and whips doesn't mean i'm a sadist...
by Jaclyn August 04, 2004
1. Someone who pisses you off so much that you wish you could use them to floss the dried feces off a greasy perverts crack.
2. A stupid or foolish person, usually with many enemies who can't stand his/her daily actions.
3. an antonym for asswhipe or jackass.
4. a thong.
That assfloss consitantly performs the same skateboarding trick even though he gets hurt each time.
by Jaclyn May 07, 2004
cooter; a freshwater turtle native to the southeastern United States
Inverness is known for its annual Cooter Festival, which features water turtles.
by Jaclyn February 08, 2005
For the reason that; since. A little bit a country, a little bit of ghetto.
we went down to da piggly-wiggly buh-cuz we needed sum chicken a 'attamellon.
by Jaclyn March 27, 2005
a sexy SEXY palmtree
damn that brentimers FINE lol
by jaclyn January 10, 2004
Someone who is silly and mean to there cousin!
Ryan is a goober!!! haha

Jaclyn is not.
by Jaclyn August 03, 2004
A type of cat who is weight challenged and who is black and white.
That cat on the ground is such a cocker that it can't even jump up on the fence.
by Jaclyn July 02, 2004
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