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the ultimate cutoff point for an unreasonably high number. If you catch sight of anything that is over 9000, take off you scouter or HMD and crush it in your hand immediately while screaming.
"Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level?!"
"It's over 9000!!!!!" (scouter is crushed)
by mibuwolfX December 29, 2007
what "it" is over.
EX 1.
how many people are on the list for tonights orgy?
"ITS OVER 9000!!!"

EX 2.
how many mintes until the movie starts?
"ITS OVER 9000!!!"

EX 3.
whats 2+2?
"ITS OVER 9000!!!"
by Tray Freaky May 09, 2009
Current estimated age of John McCain.
John McCain is probably over 9000 years old.
by Desk_Flyer October 23, 2008
9000 - the estimated power level of Son Goku in the Saiyan Saga of Dragonball Z, during his fight with Nappa.
Only in the dubbed version.

Also the focus of an incredibly popular video on Youtube.
"Hey Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?"

"It's over 9000~saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!!"

by Jessykins January 04, 2007
1. The number "it" is over.

2. The answer to any numerical question.
1. "How is the weather outside?"

"It's over 9000."

2. How many bad comments did you get on your report card?"

"Over 9000."
by Someboredperson November 04, 2009

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