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1. According to Wikipedia, a cockade is "a knot of ribbons, or other circular- or oval-shaped symbol of distinctive colours which is usually worn on a hat."
2. A funkier definition is a special lemonade, prepared as follows:
a. Water (carbonated for the more adventurous)
b. Sugar
c. Squeezed lemon juice
d. Stir with your cock
e. Ice (stirring iced water with yor cock is not advised)
f. Don´t forget to fish out the pubes
g. If you cum in the lemonade its called a "marbled cockade"
1. Cockades were worn in men´s hats in centuries past to advertise their political sympathies or for sides identification in battle.
2. Hey girls! I made some cockade!... I´m having a beer myself...
by Hugh G Rection August 22, 2007
A cockade is effectively a quarantine or blockade of a cock (known as a penis in the medical/conservative world).
He screwed that girl in the ass so I had to cockade him!

After a week of apologies, flowers and a big ass present, I officially forgave him and lifted the cockade.
by KK Cronkite September 11, 2008
A combination of the words "Blockade" and "Cockblock", a Cockade is a cockblock pulled off by many men on the same guy to keep him away from one or many girls.
Olivia: Hey Trent, does this thong match my gym shorts?
Trent: Um...
Matt: Hey Trent, is THIS the girl you said you fucked?
(Robert pulls down Trent's pants.)
Justin: Hey Trent, Remember that ass cream you have to put on, did you use it today?

Trent: Fuck all you guys, and your little cockade.
by YourMom'sBoyfriend May 05, 2011
When a party is so much of a meatfest that there is literally a blockade of cocks around every girl there... even the mukka ones
when i walked into the party I immediately ran into a cockade around and realized that tonight mines would be blown (see blowing mines)
by Rentzler October 29, 2009
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