Originally Dominican slang. Has several variations such as:

1. cono
2. conaso
4. conasasaso

This word is something like damn!, fuck!, shit!
1. "cono tu si jode"
2. "conaso que no me joda!"
3. "Conin, es que tu no entiende?"
4. " Mira, pa' no mensionarte el cono de tu mai, dejame tranquila conasasaso!!!

Is it clear now cono?? lol
by Yo kiero un chimi cono! February 20, 2004
It's hispanic slang, not just dominican or puerto rican. It stands for "crap," "shit," "damn," "fuck."
"Coño manny tu jura. Acuerdate que nosotros, quisqueya y borinquen somos hermanos."
by Maldito Vampiro January 30, 2004
A spanish word, mostly often used in Spanish Carribean, such as Cuba, PR, DR, Panama, Mexico(Yucatan), etc.

This word was very popular during the 50's, other words spread like carajo for example.

Not only a Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban word.
Oye que coño carajo siste ahora.
by Erick Mendez November 06, 2004
Castillian lingo for vagina, muff and cunt; it's also an experssion of surprise and/or deep deception. It finds it's etymology in the latin word cŭnnus.

Sorry for south-american Spanish speakers but cuño is just a big fucking spelling mistake, the only non-Castlillian menaning of coño are "stingy", "individual" and "Spaniard" as referend in Chile, Venezuela and Ecuador (Spanish Royal academy of Language certified).

For further use of the word, sufix can be added such as ~ito, ita, azo,...
Carlota, comete el coñito del pollo
"carlota, eat the chicken's cunt"

Deja de arrascarte el coño
"Stop scratching your muff"

In setting, you are undressing a GIRL and she's got the biggest cock hanging out of the pants, then you agonize and scream "coño"!!!!! while crying and running away of course.

Alternatively, you pick up a smoking hot girl in a club, and she is easy, so lose she finds hard to keep her legs closed, you of course know she might have more AIDS than are known to man, but a condom will do the trick, then once u are alone with her and on business you realize u run out of condoms, then you are rightfully in the situation to scream "coño ostia puta joder!!!"
by lingomasters December 05, 2009
Usage #1:
It is a word in Spanish, and it actually means a woman's genitals, cunt, pussy, whatever you want to call it.
Some other people wrote an entry for this but they misspelled the word, they wrote it "Cuño", which actually doesn't mean anything in any language that I know of (how do I know? Because I've had a very Puerto Rican "coño" since I was born!

Usage #2:
In the Spanish Caribbean, such as in Puerto Rico and in Cuba, it is used as an exclamation. Used pretty much in the same situations as you would say: "Fuck! I forgot to bring the condoms!" or "Shit! I need to leave before she wakes up!" Or when you stub your toe: "Coño!"
El coño de Lisa es muy sabroso.

English translation:
Lisa's cunt is very tasty.
by miapeach December 07, 2007
cuban slang meaning fuck if said when your mad
wow if your surprised or damn when your depressed
-Coño! look at that babe shes hott!
-Coño i cut my fuckin finger
by BillTheBeaver February 22, 2005
literal meaning is "vagina" (Spain, Venezuela).
"el coño de tu madre"
by agueybana March 27, 2005

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