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1. A person with low moral value and body odor.
2. A person who was abused most of his life and is ok withg it.
3. A person who is very cheap with his friends but will go broke tipping strippers because he thinks they will like him
4. Basically an overall neckbone
The Cunnus went to scores and got milked 4 thousands by CoCo the stripper.
by VIGOROUS JONESY January 15, 2007
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Latin for vulva which is the external genital organs of the female, including the mons pubis, labia majora and minora, clitoris, and vestibule of the vagina. America English created the slang word cunt from cunnus.
So Bill is Janet's cunnus hairy or bald.
by big916 April 05, 2011
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female sexual organ.
as extension : a beautyful and sexual appealing girl!
Peppino : Hey Gavino! Look that beatyfull cunnu!
Gavino : Wow! I'd really like to lick her and put my big
Sardinian cock in her pussy!
Peppino : maybe it could be to big for her! she's chinese!
by Peppineddu May 17, 2008
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