Originally means Vagina, Often heard spoken in the Philippines as a (1)curse or expression by Mestizos or by the rich people. Although this word has evolved with a different meaning, since it's usually heard from rich people in the society, the word "coño" now commonly reffers to (2) someone who's rich,wealthy,classy or brat or a manner of speaking, it could be in a negative or (3) possitive tone depends on how the word is used.
#1. coño tu madre!
#2. Omy gawd! i dont like talking to her, coz she's so conyo! (coño)
#3. wow you're so coño with your havaianas flipflops!
by niccolo March 19, 2006
A girl who is not as brilliant as Nicky, however comes close.....
Conos: Man! i wish i was like Nicky
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
cuban word for pussy, but used like the word fuck not in a sexual manner
coño, eso duele.
pero coño, donde vas a esta hora
by sqworm June 02, 2004
coño means cunt or something like that..its used in spain
¿por que coño hablas asi?
why the fuck do u talk like dat?
by Alaina Ivanova Castro February 26, 2005
a Spanish slang/vulgar term for vagina, cunt or pussy
"You have such a sweet coño, my love." or "Stop being such a fucking coño, you dumb-ass!"
by j-snaps September 27, 2008
a very good friend. (a catracho loco).
"hey wut up dude" = "hey wut up coño" its not culo, okey,,,
by the king and queen November 23, 2008
the female anatomy, usually incorrectly defined as damn
!!!!Cono de tu madre!!!!
by Julia December 18, 2004

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