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literal meaning is "vagina" (Spain, Venezuela).
"el coño de tu madre"
by agueybana March 27, 2005
52 51
Spanish: Jeffree Star le gusta decir la palabra "coño" mucho.
English: Jeffree Star likes to say the word "cunt" a lot.
by bloopshtick May 24, 2009
6 7
When translated to English, it means "cunt."
"Hay, mi coño papi! Tu pinga es muy largo!"
by Thomas The Tomato March 17, 2008
7 9
a word used a million times in the movie Scarface
Coño man, Coñoooooooooooooo, coño look at those titties
by pipicaca September 21, 2004
50 52
Disagreement in unified solidarity, i.e. saying no in company.
If there's one thing they agree upon then it's theis conos for sure.
by Hercolena Oliver March 30, 2009
1 5
Cunt (from the Latin cunnus, as in cunnilingus). Used in Spanish, especially Latin American Spanish. Coño has a vulgar connotation but when used to refer to a person, coño is not always as derogatory as "cunt" is in American English--coño is more on par with "cunt" in the British sense of the term. It may also be used as an expletive.
Mira coño, you were supposed to be here with the money at 7, it's now 9:00, and I'm going to have to kick your ass.

You can take your money and stuff it in your mother coño, unless it's all full up with my dick right now.
by risingstarz October 24, 2008
9 15
casually cool, too cool to care, like nicky, sexbomb, driven by the desire to marry royal
Tom: are you invited to the wedding of conos?
Nicky: i hear she is a casually cool sexbomb
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
4 13