The combination of the "Clint" and "Cunt" a dude that is more female than male.
Dude you are acting like a real Clunt right now.
by PSU Nasty June 05, 2010
Top Definition
n A female clown
"Daddy, look at the clunt!"
by MeatAxe September 26, 2003
noun. To purchase limited edition cigars with the intention of reselling them to your "brothers" for outrageous profit as soon as they become unavailable.
Unbelievable! Did you see him clunting those new Viaje for 3x MSRP?!?
by DouchebagPatrol March 08, 2011
A clumsy bitch or woman
As the waitress spilled the Iced Tea onto the customer's lap, he was heard to say "What a clunt"
by bill kiskin December 11, 2003
when a females clit is so large you are unable to see her cunt, it is renamed a clunt
my what a large clunt you have
by Doiminic Simms April 13, 2006
A milder corm of the term "cunt" to be used in mixed company.
"If you don't shut your mouth, I'm going to kick you in the clunt."
by farfrumsober October 27, 2011
A 'Clunge' and a 'Cunt' rolled into one. The worst type of person.
As the business man swerved and pulled out in front of our car, my four year old sister Anne shouted, 'What a fucking CLUNT!!'
by sammo g May 17, 2011
Cross between clunge and cunt
aww man I met this girl last night and she had the tidiest clunt I've ever seen!
by Jewishphill September 01, 2011
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