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Contrary to popular beleif, absinthe is a strong alcoholic beverage that WILL NOT make you hallucinate or see faries. due to its high alcohol % it will just fuck you up and get you really drunk. most people have never had absinthe make posts on UD cuz they saw euro trip.
dude 1: "hey maaann i heard that absinthe will make you trip.."
dude 2:"thats cuz your a skeevey cunt who smokes black cock"
by Xndr August 10, 2006
what the fuck do you think it is
its a fucking bats cock
wtf you dont need an example, its just the cock of a bat, a bat cock
by Xndr March 14, 2007
n. a large assortment of bongs(bong+gallery)
n. the act of smoking and messing with bongs
"dude i went to zanders house last nite, you should have seen his bongery!"
"dude stop with the bongery im way to fucked up for that.."
by Xndr August 09, 2006
A massive bud or chunk or good weed
if smoked in one hit, a budnugg will cause coughing and laghing and ventual loss of all the hot pockets in the surrounding area
"DUDE look at that budnugg, ima smoke it all in one hit! heat up somehotpockets for the trip to the grocerystore."
by Xndr August 09, 2006
two cunts and a clit, the opposit eof a clunt is a clint: two clits and a cunt
actually finding a scenario in which you would find two clits and only one cunt is quite rare
i was with two chicks last nite but i ended up having to bang a clunt cuz jane lost her clit in the war...."
by Xndr August 10, 2006
a hott peice of ass with small boobs. they still are a great lay but you have to over look the fact that you could have landed a fat cick with DD's or you could fuck the iddy biddy with a cups
"dude i fucked this hott biddy last nite"
"i bet she was an iddy biddy you cunt wrnagling bitch!hahhaha!"
by Xndr August 10, 2006
a cute pink bunny holding a bong.
sometimes a joint or a bowl. bong bunny occasionally gets together with the green bong bunny to smoke a hooka. green bunny is hardcore
"shut up and keep suckin ho"
by Xndr August 10, 2006

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