A hypodermic syringe, used for injecting heroin, meth, or any other super fun substance.
Mick: "Hey Neil, I got some packs, you got a clown?"
Neil: "Yea, I just bought a whole bag of clowns yesterday."
by Taco. June 01, 2011
the worst, most vile disqusting offensive word a person caan be called
if you are a clown u might as well commit suicide
kenny dont be such a dam clown or you will never get a girlfriend
by cobaltkiller1989 December 29, 2009
In the corporate workplace (aka 'circus'), refers to any individual, usually in upper-level management, that seemingly has little to no idea about what's going on.
"I've got a conference call with Norwood in ten - man, he's such a clown."

by erin® November 26, 2003
Someone who unintentionally makes people laugh. They tend to be messy and cannot always be depended upon to carry through with something others want. It is common for them to place themselves in an awkward situation and bear the most of others laughter.
Look at that guy with food all over his face. He's such a clown.

Way to forget the keys to your condo you clown.
by JonseyJones August 13, 2007
A person who think that they are slickes, coolest, smoothest, sexiest, etc. on the face of this earth and can't nobady tell them different.
This mutha fucka I work with is a clown.
by biggurlw July 26, 2007
Jim defines clown.
by RandallFlagg May 24, 2011
A person, male or female, or low or poor quality in mental, physical, and social aspects.

Stem of Clown-Town, a state of mental being of displeasure of annoyance.
Steve is such a clown. He belongs in Clown-Town.
by Tarrasque October 05, 2003

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