Dumbasses who disrupt common settings by making stupid jokes, loud noises, && instigating stupid stuff.
*Boy packing on some other boy, && joke wasn't funny*

Damn, ____ is such a clown.
by piiglett. February 17, 2009
N. One who looks the fool

Clowner - one who clowns, or makes a clown of another.
Spot 'em... GOT 'EM! DAMN dood! You just got CLOWNED!

Oh man, that's some madd clownery.

You're excessive clowning is excessive.
by BrownHouse786 October 26, 2004
Just a downright fool, someone who there's no other word for other than 'clown' it explains how stupid they can be and how little you think about them
Brad - I'm going to funnel a beer into my but like jackass
Brian - Wow dude you're a fucking clown
by b.esti January 03, 2010
aka Shawn Crahan of slipknot "craziest fuckin dude there
"Man, clown was crazy at that concert last night."
by knotfan June 05, 2005
1. that creepy thing behind you.
guy#1 OMG whats that thing?
guy#2 what thing
guy#1 behind you
guy#2 whuh..?
(no more guy #1 or #2; clown ate them)
by edward luvr January 31, 2009
An individual maintaining undeserved respect (Personality is often opposite of how individual acts)
"Man, he's a clown, we know he dosen't put in work, and the kids respect him and shit"
by P-doX October 28, 2007
A satanic painted beast.
"Oh my god, its a CLOWN!!!"
by Pr0ph3t May 16, 2003

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