Verb: To gather together and smoke marijuana, preferably smoking blunts in a cypher.
"Yo dude, you tryin to clown?"

"Yeah man I got 5 on it."

"Word, homie. I am going to use this Vanilla DutchMaster to roll the weed up in, then we will clown."
by sly-bear December 25, 2011
Wack ass nigga or bitch that swear their somebody important but aint got a pot to piss, someone who think their somebody their not,a joke, a wack ass nigga or bitch, a complete loser
You know she think she da shit cuz she got some jordans on, but them shits old as hell, lmfao she such as clown
by charyii November 08, 2010
Clown on that B. (DEGRADE HER!)
by the_frap_man May 02, 2009
A wack muthafucka and/or a straight up moron. Someone who is a complete joke to everyone around them. People labelled as clowns are so wack or stupid that no one takes them seriously and just laughs at them, just like a circus clown. If you get called a clown and you're not an actual circus clown, you must respond with instant hostility or else you might as well join the circus.
Guy #1: That guy always says he's the biggest gangsta and balla out there, but he just collects welfare and never even did a crime.
Guy #2: Yeah, he ain't nothing but a fucking clown.

Guy #3: I wanted to rob a store with my boys, but they kept convincing me to rob my girlfriend's house instead. I just wanted to fit in with the group so I just followed along.
Guy #4: You for real? You're a bigger clown than I thought.

Guy #5: Hey bro, someone at the club called me a clown the other night.
Guy #6: Did you stand up for yourself at least? If not, you might as well join the circus muthafucka, I ain't chillin with someone labelled as a complete joke who can't be taken for real.
by Yolen July 04, 2013
NOUN: A person who strives for attention, as a clown in a circus does. Follows hype and fashion faux pas to fit in but still "stand out."
Yo, that nigga's a clown! With his dookie chain, big frames; skinny jeans and Run DMC shirt!
by Yoddit February 14, 2008
(verb) When a thing or a person fucks something up or fails to perform a desired function.
Tony clowned the deal...he said he was gonna pay me yesterday and hasn't gotten back to me.
by liz089 June 16, 2011
A Person who lacks basic sense and logic, he cannot think laterally and is easily fooled thus a Simpleton or Idiot
John Key is a Clown
by Pol Pothead February 25, 2012

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