an isis leader wearing mascara
clowns will gun me down.
by cheeseholemaster April 17, 2015
adj. Referring to something that is cool or enjoyable. Used similarly to the adjectives "boss" or "chill"
I hung out with some friends, ya know, it was pretty clown
by xvx.voldemort.xvx December 27, 2010
Kendall soccer 701 boys soccer team, especially Giacomo #11
Giacomo and Turkey are such clowns
by TurkeyTits10 September 06, 2010
a fool or someone making jokes etc.
gerry oconor is a clown
by matt cooney April 29, 2009
someone who wears to much makeup or clothing that just doesnt match
That girl is a straight up clown. or That bitch is a clown. That fuck is a clown
by amendo May 17, 2004
The WORST thing since chucky chesse.

Clowns are so scary i wanna shit my pants everytime i see one. Clowns are scary and most people have the phobia called "Coulrophobia"

And people who dont think that clowns are even a little bit scary are clowns. The kind that eat peoples guts.
Random person "Shhhh! do you hear that"

Other person "What are you talking about man???"

Random person "AHHHHHHH a clown!!!!! It's gonna kill ussssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*they get chainsawed by clown.*
by TatertotPandah March 28, 2010
The quality or state of "coolness." If something "has clown," it is "cool" or "good." If something has no clown, it is lame sauce.
Yo, I was watchin' Full House the other day, and John Stamos has SO much clown!

Man, old Jim Sheepy next door has no clown whatsoever. He shot my dog last night.
by JSheep April 18, 2009

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