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someone who wears to much makeup or clothing that just doesnt match
That girl is a straight up clown. or That bitch is a clown. That fuck is a clown
by amendo May 17, 2004
adj. Referring to something that is cool or enjoyable. Used similarly to the adjectives "boss" or "chill"
I hung out with some friends, ya know, it was pretty clown
by xvx.voldemort.xvx December 27, 2010
Kendall soccer 701 boys soccer team, especially Giacomo #11
Giacomo and Turkey are such clowns
by TurkeyTits10 September 06, 2010
Someone who unintentionally makes people laugh. They tend to be messy and cannot always be depended upon to carry through with something others want. It is common for them to place themselves in an awkward situation and bear the most of others laughter.
Look at that guy with food all over his face. He's such a clown.

Way to forget the keys to your condo you clown.
by JonseyJones August 13, 2007
What black people who are having gang sex with a girl say to encourage the act.
C'mon Twoin, clown on that pussy.
by Petey Flyy March 20, 2007
Someone who fools around with something.

A person who performs at circuses and childrens' parties
Pennywise is not a NICE clown.

Julio, stop clowning around, before you get yourself shot.
by Saints February 20, 2005
A person, male or female, or low or poor quality in mental, physical, and social aspects.

Stem of Clown-Town, a state of mental being of displeasure of annoyance.
Steve is such a clown. He belongs in Clown-Town.
by Tarrasque October 05, 2003