What black people who are having gang sex with a girl say to encourage the act.
C'mon Twoin, clown on that pussy.
by Petey Flyy March 20, 2007
1. A scary man that makes me cry and occasionally shit my

2. Anyone who pops their collar.

3. An African American term for joking around.
1. Person 1: "Why is there shit in your pants?"
Person 2: "The clown in my closet scared the shit out
of me again.

2. Person 1: "Is his collar popped?"
Person 2: "Yes, it is. What a clown. A pathetic, gay

3. Leroy: "Don't be mad, I just be clownin'."
by William Stephens May 14, 2006
Someone who fools around with something.

A person who performs at circuses and childrens' parties
Pennywise is not a NICE clown.

Julio, stop clowning around, before you get yourself shot.
by Saints February 20, 2005
a person who just dont make since they retardet and do dumb things for no reason
Shawntia The Clown
by Trae Dai May 20, 2010
The quality or state of "coolness." If something "has clown," it is "cool" or "good." If something has no clown, it is lame sauce.
Yo, I was watchin' Full House the other day, and John Stamos has SO much clown!

Man, old Jim Sheepy next door has no clown whatsoever. He shot my dog last night.
by JSheep April 18, 2009
A most evil and diabolical Human which wears face paint, puffy clothes, hangs out at circuses, smokes pot, and slaughters people. Appears to bring great joy to small children.
Holy crap that clown is so frigging evil I want to bight his head off lets watch TV
by Mbleh June 11, 2007
A female that is so scarey to look at, only Golum would consider marrying her.
Look at Toby's bird, she looks like a Clown..!
by Chris Deville November 09, 2006
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