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The shortened version of the name Giovanni, which is someone who is usually well endowed and very good in bed
I guess its true once you have a gio you going to need a wheel chair, but the feeling does return
by Christa Guerrero March 02, 2008
Gio is often used as a nickname for the name Giovanni.The name Giovanni is of Italian origin and it translates to John in English.
''Hey,do you know who that Italian cat Gio is?''
''Yeah,all the ladies keep talking about him and he's of Italian Descent and told me that his real name is Giovanni but everybody has always called him Gio as a nick.''
by Elite_Metal_Head December 15, 2007
The definition of smoking hot and probably the sweetest nicest most loving bf in the entire world. any girl would be lucky to have a guy like him. you will never want to loose him. he is a keeper. I LOVE YOU MORE GIO!
see that guy? he is a gio ;)
by ilovehimmore September 19, 2011
psycho obsessive ex girlfriend
she's such a gio, i just want to date this new girl.
by noforreal March 13, 2012
An internet entrepreneur. He owns and runs the Giosphere.com.
Giosphere.com is the most common of his sites, you can find all the information there.
by Gio May 06, 2005