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n. vagina

see also clunge, gwat and clive
She lifted her skirt and showed me her clopper. It was beautiful...
#spaz hole #snatch #spam purse #axe wound #gash
by Scruttock January 29, 2006
n- Sexual Gratification or Erotica involving ponies, specifically ponies seen in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Generally, the person masturbating to pony erotica is considered the Clopper.
The other day, John saw a picture online of Twilight Sparkle with fully developed breasts. John has been a Clopper ever since
#masturbation #fapping #pony #brony #bronies
by a1staek July 10, 2012
Person or either sex who is sexually attracted to cartoon ponies. Often in a Rule34 setting.
Or uses Rule34 ponies as masturbation aids.

A sub sect of the brony community.
"dude, I just found some awesome porn of rarity doing pinkiepie"

"that's cool, but I'm not a clopper"
#my #little #pony #brony #bronies #rule34
by anenglishbrony March 28, 2012
A Brony who is into the ponies of the show on a more sexual level than a normal Brony.
Brony: So who is your favorite pony?
Clopper: Well I'd love to cum inside Twilight
Brony: Oh, so your a clopper?
#cloppers #brony #mlp #ponies #bronies
by BrohoofTheWorld April 12, 2013
A small portion o the Brony community who makes, supports, and watches 'clop.' 'Clop' is another word for pony porn.
"Hey, you clop?"

"Ya, I'm a clopper."
#clop #cloppers #clopping #clopper #clop person
by Dawnpath December 05, 2012
Someone who "gets off" to My Little Pony.
Jacob Osterloh is a clopper
#clop #scum #jacob #robby #osterloh
by Idkm8 January 11, 2015
A Brony who is Sick and perverted,. A Brony who makes Clopfics and shipping stories of Ponies from the show My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic. Cloppers Usually support rule 34 and even embrace it. It is Derived from the verb Clopping witch is derived from fapping. Most Cloppers often blend in with other bronies until they share their pictures and Fan Fictions.
Brony: Hey So whats up man? How bout that rainbow dash eh?
Clopper: Oh yes, i made a clop fic of her F***ing Applejack
Brony: You Sick Cloppers and your Shipping
#clopper #brony #rule 34 #my little pony #friendship is magic
by PS2Gator August 20, 2011
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