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To eat vigourously and without regard for the opinion of others. South African origin.
You had better chummle that pie before Fatty McFatfuk gets back.
by AntonyB August 21, 2006
A collective and generalised term describing the "ladies" remaining in a nightclub at closing time that will go home with just about anybody. Believed to be of Lancastrian origin, possibly Bolton.
C'mon then, grab some clag and lets get off home.
by AntonyB August 07, 2006
Noun. A drunken female, screeching and cackling along the street with high heels scraping the pavement. Best spotted at the point of emerging a pub or club with other like-minded females. Strangely attractive to drunk males. Painfully repellant to any sober persons.
What is that god-awful noise? Oh, its just a clopper.
by AntonyB August 28, 2006

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