When you work in a retail/restaurant environment and you are scheduled to close up shop around 10-12 at night, and then are also expected to come back and work an opening shift the next day around 6-8. This usually only allows for a person to sleep 3-5 hours in between shifts because they still have to take the time to travel home, wind-down, eat and/or feed your children, and/or significant other (if pets are involved, they need to be fed also and possibly walked), maybe laundry, shower, sleep and eat, shower and travel back...It's like they never leave and also can cause severe pain in the feet, legs, hips, back and brain.
Worker 1: "Today was so s***ty! I can't wait to get outta here and go to this f**k'n party! You down?"

Worker 2: "Can't dude, got a clopen....."

Worker 1: "F****************CK" :/
#clopen #work #retail #basspro #hell
by DelaHaze November 21, 2012
to work a closing workshift, then opening shift the next day. Common in low paying retail jobs with a new schedule every week.
I can't come over after work. I'm assigned to clopen again tonight.
#retail #work #schedule #balance #closing
by capitest November 03, 2014
When working in the bar industry you have to close in the evening and re open in the morning.
You get out of work after a night shift, leaving the bar at 3- 4am in the morning, having to be back at the bar again the next day to open. Good old clopen.
#close #open #double #shifts #cloopen
by jenn_bella June 21, 2010
To close and then open the following shift. More severe on the weekends due to the later close. Typically involves complete sleep deprivation and a certain punchy giddiness that may or may not wear off during the course of the shift.
The redhead was scheduled to clopen for the fourth time in a week and she was a hot mess.
#close #open #deprivation #punchy #giddiness
by OlDirtyBruno September 14, 2013
When working, the act of, closing the store you work at and then opening the same store the next day.
Jessy: John do you want to go to the club after work.

John: cant man i got to clopen
#open #close #work #hate #working #retail #job #jobs
by XxmusicmanxX May 24, 2009
You are clopenning when close one shift and open the next.

Or it can be used anytime you want someone to shut up and open their mouth.
It's way too early to be here. I was just here last night. I hate clopenning.

Dentist-" I'm kind of too busy to hear about your dog. Clopen your mouth.
#shutit #zip it #quit yo yappen #close #open #quiet
by sgTRCkm June 03, 2011
A closed technology format that uses open standards.
Egglepple and Apple, Inc. both make clopen technologies that are licensable. Egglepple has the fun:fone, and Apple has the iPhone.
#egglepple #apple #steve jobs #open #closed #technology #phone #link starbureiy
by Big Macintosh February 01, 2011
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