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When a singular individual closes the store, and opens it the following morning.
Will skimped on the closing notes, since he was clopening.
by gobbledygook May 17, 2008
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The term for a turn around shift in a non-nine to five job.

If you work the closing shift tonight and you have to work the opening shift the next morning, you are clopening.
I can't come over tonight, because I am clopening.
by katykangaroo March 24, 2009
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Clopening is what one does when an erratic work schedule requires that one works until closing time on a given day, and then that they open on the next day. Variations include "Clopen," "Clopener," etc.
Andy: "Man, babe. I really hate my work schedule. They have me closing tonight, and then I open tomorrow. I'll never get any sleep."

Brenz: "Yup, they have you working a Clopening shift!"
by MadFocus November 20, 2012
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Clopening-to work A closing shift and then open the next Day's shift commonly found in restaurants.
Hey you want to go out tonight and have A few beers?Naw I am working A clopening.
by Steve Ibey May 12, 2007
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The act of having a closing shift at your workplace and then having an opening shift at your workplace the following day.
Man this weekend is gonna suck!


Because I'm Clopening Saturday to Sunday.
by Snuggleglarf January 24, 2012
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When you close the night before and then have to open the next day.
I actually did my sidework last night because I'm clopening.
by Atlantic City May 12, 2014
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