Applies to a door where it is half open and half closed. In order to maintain sufficient airflow in an un-air conditioned room or under-air conditioned room, while still maintaining some level of privacy.
Hey leave that door clopen it's warm in here.
by Dont Hoff me bro August 18, 2010
when, you close your work one day and the next you have to get up early and open. applies only if you have to stay past ten pm, and get up before 7 am the next day.
i have to stay til 11 tonight and i have to be here at five tommorow. it's the worst clopen schedual.
by ballerina_babe August 25, 2007
When you go in to work for the OPENING shift; having a select amount if time to preform the neccessary tasks required to open for business & be able to serve the customers... only to find that when you arrive for work, the Person or Persons who CLOSED the business the previous night did Not complete their tasks; therefore leaving the Person in the Opening position having to scramble to do Both the Closing AND the opening duties in the same selected amount of time as it would normally take to do just the Opening duties. (This term could refer to Any form of business but is Primarily used to refer to a Restaurant)
Open Close Time frame Scramble Restaurant Hustle "it was a rough morning; Stacy didn't finish her work last night so I had to Clopen"......"I'll have to really hustle this morning. The Tables are filthy and I still have to make the gravy. If I knew I was going to have to Clopen, I would have come to work earlier this morning"
by 1 Kool Nana June 04, 2010
clopen: an open sign that is kept on after the business has closed for the day. Generally, this is an indication that the business is desperate and has no regard for customers.
Is the mexican restaurant open at this hour? No, it's clopen.
by CogNito April 23, 2009
The unnecessary half-closed option that every car door has.
You're door is clopen.
by TomTreeTop July 26, 2011
Not quite closed and not quite open. The act of opening a can of coke as if not to completely break open the seal, but just enough so that the coke can be sucked out. Leaving at the end, an empty can of coke that looks unopened.
hey are you going to clopen that?
by syper January 19, 2006
In shift work in any job: Whenever you work the closing shift and then the next morning work the opening shift. Giving the employee an improper amount of time to refresh and feel rested between shifts.
Jake to Elizabeth: I'm feeling kind of sluggish this morning, worked another clopen!
by eviljake74 December 12, 2015
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