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A man who won't stop and ask for
directions in bed.
"Because of his fouled foreplay, Suzy realized that her new boyfriend was no
experienced bedroom traveler, but merely a clitourist."
by CrAzYgIdEoN May 19, 2003
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A woman who has visited the island of Lesbos but has not become a permanent resident.
I saw your ex holding hands with a guy on Buchanan Street the other day. I thought she was gay now, but she must have been a clitourist.
by Duncan Credible October 01, 2010
The gay girl version of a cocktease
"Fanny is such a clitourist"
A man who cannot find the clitorus without directions.
"Johnny is not good at fingering he couldn't find my clitorus , he's a clitourist!"
by Emmamaamnsnhdhzhn December 26, 2014

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