A group of people (usually girls) who cling to each other constantly, share goss, and generally bash everyone who doesn't belong with them.
Honestly, who does she think she is? She doesn't belong to our clique.
by Ginger November 06, 2004
A group of friends usally in middle and highschool sometimes even in late elmentary. The misconception is that cliques are a group of popular mean girls. The cliques in my school tend to be separted by populatrity. You could look in the lunch room , and you can easily point out the poplular girls, the skaters, the nerds , average girls. Members of a clique usually shop at the same stores(sometimes even togther in a popular or average girl clique) thus dress simlar. Know each others parents and all spend the weekands with each other. Since cliques are usally a size of 15(some which are 'BFF's' some just friends) you'll have atleast 1 or 2 in each of your classes. Popular girls usally befriend some average girls. Popular girls will often be seen hugging or saying hi to a nerd girl to make herself look nice. If you don't stop to talk to a member of your clique its uaslly because you have another member of you clique beside you. When you are by yourself however you will speed walk across the hall to the first member of your clique you see and talk to them to not look like a loner. The other option to that would be saying a quick hi or hug. Nerds are usally peaceful unless there is one girl who is a nerd who wants to be popular, and takes each hi and hug from a popular girl as a sign of thinking she is getting 'cooler.' These girls usally end up being a annoying bitches in a average girl clique she forced herslef upon.
popular girl 1: (rushing towards next class) Hey girl!(dos'nt even the name of the girl she is greeting)
nerd girl 1: hey!
popular girl 1:(about to hug nerd but snaps back last second after spoting a member of her popular clique.) Hey!
average girl 1:(with about 3 other girls from her clique)wow that was cold.
average girl 2:(takes the sad nerd by the arm and starts meaning less conversation.)
by coco_chips_with_dip May 13, 2010
The bane of of our society and world as we know it.

Give them enough time, and the "United" part of the United States is certain be wiped from existance.
Dont be in a clique, its okay to hang out with people like you, just dont be an asshole about it an abhor/harass everyone else that's different in whatever large or insignificant way you can think of, that is just being a douchebag.
by Tactical Squad July 10, 2008
friends that make up a group of bitches.
o.m.g. the bitches in that clique are wack!
by pamela 69 March 18, 2006
A clique is a coalition whose members associate regularly with each other on the basis of affection and common interest, such as listening to Mike Jones and dunking 4 fun, and posses a marked sense of common identity. All members of a clique interact with one another, though there may be core members (Jmo, Nasty, Courtney, Laura), primary members (Nate, Billy), and secondary members (Craig).
Yo!? That clique that listens to Mike Jones and Dunks 4 Fun is off the heezy fo sheezy! Who is that longer haired neanderthal guy who is always hanging with the Mike Jones Clique?
by BZak April 28, 2005
A group of girls who exclude other people and act all snobbish and mean. DONT BLONG TO A CLIQUE. The Alpha of the Clique controls every one else.
Alpha of the clique : 1 + 1= 11
Other Girls in clique: YEAH!
Smart Girl: NO! 1+1 IS NOT 11 YOU SLUTS!
by Alexia Rodrieguez November 15, 2007
1.a group of teenage girls who stick together in and outside of school and pose to love each other although that is not always the case that are ruled by one person
2.a popular group of teenage girls who seek to destroy the reputations of girls of less status and girls who are in the same clique
Chelsee, the freshman pretty girls clique leader, is on a quest to make Matt, Lindsay's boyfriend, cheat with her to prove her beauty and dominance over the 9th grade boys
by Morgan C. June 04, 2005

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