The West Coast equivalent to the East Coast's word "Crew."
"I'm a hang out with my clique tonight."
by Devildriver October 22, 2005
Another word for a crew
"G U*it in da house, dats ma clique"
by bvbffg June 05, 2005
as in crew,homeboys,gang...used often in the dirrty south
" I se u and ya lil clique up in the club nigga"
by Lil`Ron December 25, 2004
Crew, Westcoast equivalent to "crew"
Fuck your Clique Homy
by AC September 20, 2003
Yo homeboys or homegurlz, buddies, "click"
Ima go hang with my clique.
by Brittany September 01, 2003
Your hood, ya know the clique.
Everything's quiet in the clique.
by Spork March 27, 2004
A narrow exclusive circle or group of persons; especially one held together by common interests, views, or purposes. They could be considered your crew. The wolf pack that you run with and tear up the world with and bring people together, one cause at a time.

Kanye is talking about how nobody should mess with his group clique or else they suffer the consequences, such as being rapped about in a his new single.
Ain't nobody messin' with my clique. Ain't nobody fresher than my clique. As I look around, they don't do it like my clique.
by MillennialHipster March 03, 2015

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