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when a woman grebs a penis tightly till the helmet throbs
the missus gave me a good squeezer last night on the job.......right on the vinegar strokes too!!
by ginger April 10, 2003
A group of people (usually girls) who cling to each other constantly, share goss, and generally bash everyone who doesn't belong with them.
Honestly, who does she think she is? She doesn't belong to our clique.
by Ginger November 06, 2004
the gap between your scrotum and your anus
the "gooch"
by ginger April 10, 2003
Street name for the prescription drug xanax.
Yo Mange, hook a nigga up with a Xaney, I'm stressing the fuck out.
by Ginger April 23, 2005
I am doing an etymology on this word and POSEUR is a correct spelling for the term, because the word is French.
"Only poseurs think there is only one spelling of the word. Idiots!"
by Ginger April 12, 2005
ladies pelvic area
by ginger April 10, 2003
White owl cigars with the hole already in the tip look a lot like a penis, so smokes the white owl is a euphemism for fellitio.
Lennie Peterson smokes the white owl when he is not playing the bone.
by Ginger March 01, 2005

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