An amazing person, by all standards. Highly complex within his own mind (which, consequently, he spends most of his time). Is usually a calm person, but when shit hits the fan, you will know that the nearest Clint will verbally and mentally fuck you up, as he is so prone to do. Can be a bisexual, but merely means he embraces open minded-ness. Usually, Clints are exceedingly tolerant and open minded, if they hail from the state of California around the year 1990-1995. Can have a personality much like Dr. House, from the popular TV show, House. Is usually athletic, and relatively sexy, but not obscenely so. Is prone to use large, multi-syllabic words at any time. May refer to Shakespearean insults to describe some of his lessers. Name was same of a oft-disputed secret lover of the Egyptian god of war and chaos.
"Alright, I've had it with this fucking lack of effort you put into doing the dishes, Clint."

"Pity, mother dearest... You again fail to remember that it is I, and I alone, who pays the rent and the bills. You lost your job because you neglected your duties. I don't want to be bitched at for being lazy on my part. Get back to doing the dishes, now."
by Westfire March 29, 2009
Top Definition
a sexy, suave, masculine guy who is good at satisfying a woman, especially licking her vagina and clit. basically someone who is the best and giving a girl head.
girl: u guna have sex with him tomorrow?
girl2 : yeah, why?
girl:how u know hes guna be good?
girl2 :his name's clint, and my clit is my sweet spot, he has to be good.
girl:damn, i want some of that
by kevin cage August 23, 2008
someone who is worth waiting for
clint means the world to me
by gonnakatchemall April 07, 2009
An awesome boy who I love very much <3
clint is friggen awesome
by Unlovedsk8ergrl Is Now Loved October 02, 2006
The bestest friend you can have in the entire world. Always concerned about how others feel, and is very considerate in the fact that he makes them feels loved. Very silly, and loud. Often bursts into random song and dance. Not one person in the world hates him. Without Clint, the world would be lost.
If you were a Clint, no one would hate you.
by Pudice January 11, 2009
The most bad ass term ever used in history to describe a man. Often also used to tell someone how chill as fuck they are.
Clint Eastwood is chill as fuck;

I wish my parents named me Clint at birth, maybe then people would like me.
by Brawski's love Brewski's October 10, 2008
Clint is intelligent, unique, hilarious, playful, sexy, lovable, crazy, fun, silly, great in bed, quick-witted, honest, loyal, handsome, and logical.
The most amazing parties are thrown at Clint's house. You're guaranteed to have a blast if you party with Clint.
Guy: "Hey, we should throw a party!"
Girl: "Hell yeah! Let's have it at Clint's! He kicks ass!"
by Chaos At Its Finest February 02, 2010
One of the manliest of names! One named Clint is good at just about anything you can think of. He has a definite sexual magnitude that woman are just drawn to. He doesn't look for trouble but it seems to find him! He doesn't start fights, but beware he'll definitely finish them. He's a Knight of the 21st century!
"No body wants to mess with Clint."
by Mr. Johnson123 February 08, 2010
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