Clint, a (male) name, like Clint Eastwood. A very attractive name, if you may.

However, Clint may also refer to "C-U-N-T." How? Welll, if you write/type out "CLINT" the L and the I create an odd-looking U. LI LI LI LI. See? So, you've got cunt. Whooooo, high 5!
o-m-g, he is succccch a clint fayce.

look at that clint. ugh.

Suzanna: OH MY GAWSH, what a clint fayce. look at that guy. YEAH, over THERE!
Angela: what? aw, don't be so mean. :(
by ihatemakingthisstupidnameomg June 17, 2009
extremely horny virgin man, obsessed with anime girls
you are such a clint!
by magicbroomowner October 10, 2014
A particularly unpleasant individual void of any moral code, to be avoided at all costs.
Dean: OMG Greg your being a such a clint today.

Greg: Go suck a cock you big gay.
by D&G84 August 20, 2014
Someone who poops on floors
Did you just pull a Clint?
by Some dude December 13, 2014
A permanently stoned boss or expression to describe high quality marajuana.
"Shit hes been clinting for weeks" " shit this weed is so clint" "Dude that guy is such a clint" "Man you got clint-slaped so bad"
by sumsuni February 19, 2011
i heard he is hung like a clint
by Jon Smart February 04, 2004
When somebody is acting as a complete cunt.
For fuck sake your a complete Clint !!!!
by Gimp and Lips June 08, 2013

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