Probably the world's most amazing guy. He's tall, he's tan, and he's got a smile to die for. He's a great friend, and many think he would make a great lover, too. He's hilarious and fun to be around, and he always remembers your inside jokes or silly things that happened with you. He's smart and amazing and insanely cute. He has the cutest green eyes and the nicest friends.
person 1: Hey, have you met that awesome, funny, cute Clint guy?
person 2: No, not really...
by SarahHeartbreak July 01, 2010
A overconfident Sentra driver who gets his mom to buy him clothing still and lives in her basement
Man that guy is on welfare, he's such a Clint
by Jack Gunner April 26, 2005
an abusive word which is a cunt and a clit mixed together.
that boy over there is such a clint!
by dai printer September 13, 2010
a mixture of a clit and a cunt creating the clint
that guy is a real clint
by pixel_evie June 19, 2010
Stolid and stoic in iron-bound concentration and determination, reminiscent of Clint Eastwood's unmoving, brick-like expression in all of his "spaghetti western" role.
As the carnage mounted while the enemy pressed closer and closer to the front line, the soldier's face was clint in defiance of the chaos of the scene.
by Chomsky66 October 29, 2007
Stranger--Who is that WHIMP that never shows up to work, and is a compulsive LIAR?!
Everyone that works in the shop--Clint!!!!
by DaAmazin March 08, 2010
Often when using leetspeak, or gamertalk, Cunt is mistaken for the word clint: (|_|/\/ 7 As the two words look identical in leetspeak, people often use the word Clint to describe someone as a cunt.
You are so crap at gears of war, you complete clint.
by James Bailey March 20, 2007

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