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One of the manliest of names! One named Clint is good at just about anything you can think of. He has a definite sexual magnitude that woman are just drawn to. He doesn't look for trouble but it seems to find him! He doesn't start fights, but beware he'll definitely finish them. He's a Knight of the 21st century!
"No body wants to mess with Clint."
by Mr. Johnson123 February 08, 2010
A boy you'll want to keep around forever. He's intellignt, sweet, and funny. Motivated to get everything he can out of life (by god you better not stand in his way). With a smile to die for and eyes that can make you melt he's an ideal boyfriend, someone you'd do anything for.
girl#1 "he has gorgeous eyes and he sweetest smile.."
girl#2 "he had to be a Clint"
by ijustwantacat January 10, 2012
The most amazing guy in the world. One of the best friends a person coud have. Unbelievably Gorgeous, funny, sweet, loyal, caring and so loving. Amazing in bed and treats his girlfriend like a princess. A girl couldn't ask for a better boyfriend than Clint.
My boyfriend is amazing he's a definite Clint
by 528736 May 03, 2011
RE:Clint Eastwood. All that is manly & bad-ass, someone that doesn't take shit from anyone. When his thousand yard stare is locked in on you, you know you should run.
"Dude, when you yelled at that crackhead that was hassling us, you were being totally Clint!"

For more on how to be a Clint, please consult imdb for info on these films:

Dirty Harry
Outlaw Josey Wales
High Plains Drifter
by neutralintercepter February 04, 2010
truly amazing, creative, funny, lovable, talented, sweeeet!, handsome whether with short or long dark hair. Has overcome so much and shown his true strength. Chillin with you is always one of the best days of my life. Makes me smile...always. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I wish you knew that and I wish we could be together now. When I think of others I feel I am settling. No one can make me jump over the moon like you do. I love you!!!
simply the best...clint is!
by Lsismoonjumpin February 04, 2010
Clint, a (male) name, like Clint Eastwood. A very attractive name, if you may.

However, Clint may also refer to "C-U-N-T." How? Welll, if you write/type out "CLINT" the L and the I create an odd-looking U. LI LI LI LI. See? So, you've got cunt. Whooooo, high 5!
o-m-g, he is succccch a clint fayce.

look at that clint. ugh.

Suzanna: OH MY GAWSH, what a clint fayce. look at that guy. YEAH, over THERE!
Angela: what? aw, don't be so mean. :(
by ihatemakingthisstupidnameomg June 17, 2009
A type of an awesome person who is very multi-talented and can do many cool things that others cant do. Or rare.
You can use it like:

Rick was being such a clint that he became the life of the party.

"oh man, you're such a clint!!"
by theblackknight147 April 04, 2010