A game of chance using dice, preferably played with homeless and/or deadbeat dads.
Aw shit, I was playing click clack on the train with the pan handlers and I won $20 of their asses!
by WalterCronkiteSpecial May 05, 2010
Toy made in the 1980's that had a little plastic handle, with two strings attached to it, on the end of each string was a hard plastic or glass ball. To play with it you tap the balls together and when you get really good at it the balls click on the bottom then on the top alternating.
I broke my wrist playing with my Click Clacks.
by Old Lady from NJ March 01, 2009
A gangster's way of saying hanging out or hung out.
We just click-clack (hung out) at the mall.
We're click-clacking (hanging out) at the basketball court etc.
by Tazy101 June 16, 2009
Click - Rubbing the penis against a woman's clitoris. The step right before intercourse.


Clack - Rubbing the penis around the anus. The step before anal sex.
Baby we can do that click-clack. Just turn around and let me see your back.
by InstinctiveReflex August 01, 2012
Boobs, tits, titties, and all things relating to female breasts.
Damn, look at those click clacks over there!
by jacobquotes.com July 02, 2011
Verb: to completely dominate.

Derives from the Under Armour ad campaign using the phrase "Click Clack."
Mike: Hey Thomas, how did the soccer game go?
Thomas: Oh, we totally Click Clacked. 5-0. They didn't stand a chance.

Alex: Just finished my final.
Nick: Click clack?
Alex: Oh yea. Click clack all the way. A-plus here I come.
by kingoficme July 13, 2010
A click clack Balisong, Butterfly Knife, Batinga is a knife with two losely held handles that remains closed with the help of a pin or latch. With a couple flicks of the wrist it goes from closed to open or vice versa. Created in the Philipenes for tricks and duels, the Balisong has been discouraged from dueling for 100 years. The blade is very shard and a lot of the time made of stainless steel. A very good Balisong brand is called Benchmade®, the model that is the best for quality of the knife, and quantity of it's durability would be a Benchmade 42®. Although they can be pricey (costing around $150-$175) it is a great Balisong and will last longer than cheaper brands.
Yo dude, I was just walking along when this motha' f***** came and pulled a click clack out on me!

If any body wants to mess with me I'll stab 'em with my click clack.
by Danni293 February 17, 2010

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