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A click clack Balisong, Butterfly Knife, Batinga is a knife with two losely held handles that remains closed with the help of a pin or latch. With a couple flicks of the wrist it goes from closed to open or vice versa. Created in the Philipenes for tricks and duels, the Balisong has been discouraged from dueling for 100 years. The blade is very shard and a lot of the time made of stainless steel. A very good Balisong brand is called Benchmade®, the model that is the best for quality of the knife, and quantity of it's durability would be a Benchmade 42®. Although they can be pricey (costing around $150-$175) it is a great Balisong and will last longer than cheaper brands.
Yo dude, I was just walking along when this motha' f***** came and pulled a click clack out on me!

If any body wants to mess with me I'll stab 'em with my click clack.
by Danni293 February 17, 2010

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