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–verb (used with object)

1. to dislike more intensely or passionately than simply hating; feel extreme aversion for or the most extreme hostility toward; detest: to clate the enemy; to clate bigotry.

-verb (used without an object)
2. to feel intense clate, or extreme aversion or hostility.


3. the object of the most extreme aversion or hostility.

Related forms:

clater, noun

clate, verb

clating, verb

clated, verb

clatingly, adverb
Don't clate, appreciate.

Damn, you's a clating bitch.

You're a player-clater!

I'll be clating you all night long.

Christi clatingly looked at his facebook post.
by WFBE September 09, 2010
CLATES is a reference to the male testiclates or testicules. Originated from Group X in late 2010. This word is also used when you want to reference the "scrotum" or "balls" of a man.
Awe piss Tom!! You got me right in my CLATES!!
by CLATEmaster March 29, 2011
The word "Clate" can basically be used as a subsitute for any word. There is even a "Clate Language" which consist of using the word clate 4-5 times in a sentence.
Since we cant calte the clate today, maybe if we clate it for another time, we can clate then.
by Guy Ova Deeh March 25, 2009
basically being joined to, in connection with, or fitted in.
The snobby girl sat at the table, feeling clate with everyone. Behind the scenes though, she was hated and had a bad reputation.
by tamm m November 27, 2005
A cup that can also be used as a plate.
He used the clate to save time washing dishes.
by UrbanWordPerson January 27, 2010
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